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Warehouse rack ladder with wheels


Warehouse rack ladder is a climbing equipment normally used in the warehouse, the function is similar to the climbing ladder, but with higher security. There is a platform upper, convenient fo rthe operation personnel to realize the work such as access to goods.equip with the 4 wheels, can be moved easily.

Product details

Category: Industrial ladder
Material: Steel
Structure: Step ladder
Customized: Yes, base on request
Application: use in light and medium duty shelving
Origin: China

Model L
Load capacity
Net weight
DGC01 1600 900 1800 200 45


1. Easy to move with four wheels
2. Broad step, steady and safe
3. It could save space, manpower as well as improving your work efficiency.
4. Can bear a treamendous weight and not easy to ruin.

It can orded on request, please inform us the following information for quick and exact quotation.

Specification (L x W x H)
Load capacity
Drawing, if available
Specific requirements
Table material
Your required quantity
Your destination port

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