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CNC tool storage system

CNC tool storage system include: CNC tool trolley, CNC tool storage rack and CNC tool storage cabinet. Designed to ensure maximum protection of your CNC tools during handing, transport and storage. Used for storing and sorting different kinds various of CNC tools and other accessories. Moving flexibly, suitable for production workshop and maintenance workshop, etc.

● Tool storage and transport solutions.
● Improve efficiency
● Time, labor, space saving
● Creat an aesthetically pleasing, professional image


Product details

CNC tool trolley

CNC tool storage rack

CNC tool storage cabinee

Product name Model Specification
Net weight
CNC tool trolley WLD01 1100x600x800 35 5units tool apron with tool cover
CNC tool storage rack WLD02 1200x600x1750 -- 6 units tool apron with tool cover
CNC tool storage cabinet WLD03 720x520x1800 81 6 units tool apron with tool cover

-Special designed herringbone hole for placing base of tool in horizontal or 15 degree or 30 degree to access tool conveniently.

-Applicable to processing workshop, repair workshop and other occasions,store and transport your valuable CNC tools with total confidence.

-Easy movement of tool apron.

-Sturdy and strong, rigid construction with low maintenance, easy to operate and install.

-Many kinds of tool cover for choose, such as BT30, BT40, BT50, HSK40, HSK63, HSK80 and HSK100 etc.

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