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Steel pallet stacking rack

Stacking Rack, with fixed capacity, storage the goods clearly and easy for the warehouse checking. Open mesh design provides: excellent visibility of your contents; Minimizes dust & dirt accumulation; Easy inventory control. Widely use for the warehouse, wharf, goods yard and railway station, suitable for the transport, handling, loading and unloading, storage in each link of logistics.

Product details

Serviceability: Common Use
Material: Iron and square tube
Surface treatment: Pickling-Parkerising-Electrostatic Spray-High temperature curing
Origin: China


Model L
Load capacity
Net Weight
QGJ01 1200 1000 1200 1000 47
QGJ02 1200 1000 800 1000 41.7
QGJ03 1200 800 800 1000 38.2



1. Fixed welded, which is durable
2. Special triangle orbit design, make the load bearing distributed evenly.
3. Folding structure makes loading, revolving and storing much convenient. It is easy to manage. It can be accumulated t save space when it is not used.
4. The goods can be stored directly, no need to add the pallet, easy to transport by forklift.
5. Can be stacked up to 3 layers, improve the space utilization.
6. The greater it load, stronger the stacking rack, and with excellent shaking resistance.
7. Forms in variety, configured with different accessories, can meet the multiple using requirement.
8. Can be ordered on request, any color are available.




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