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Light duty workbench

Light duty workbench, usually made in customized. With a flexible selection of standard components to meet the market requirement. Mostly use for repairing, testing and assembling mechanical and electronic products and components, as well as packaging, calibration and R&D development.


Product details

Material: Steel and fireproofing board
Surface treatment: Pickling-Parkerising-Electrostatic powder spray-High temperature curing
Customized: Yes, OEM based on request
Load capacity: 500kg
Fireproofing board:
L1200 x W750 x H25mm
Pneumatic slide rail: L860mm
Lamp holder: L860mm
Top shelf: L885 x W300mm
Square hole hanging panel:
L860 x H456mm
Socket board: 2pcs sockets and 1pc RCD
Origin: China

Model Specification
Net Weight
LDW-12ABCDE 1200x750x(750+1050) 56 A,B,C,D,E is the optionals

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