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Electronic platform


Electronic platform for its wide range of different material specifications applied to the institutions, primary and middle school multimedia classrooms, general classrooms, studio, as well as various training classrooms, lecture halls, etc. Moreover, to meet different functional requirements, the electronic platform using some diversified design such as table / keyboard cover board / side pulling table and side pulling drawer.

Product details

Electronic platform

Electronic platform

Electronic platform

Electronic platform

IC card electronic platform

Electronic platform

Product name Model Specification
Electronic platform DJ002 1400x700x950
IC card electronic platform DJ003 1400x700x1100
Electronic platform DJ004 1150x650x880


  1. Fully closed structure, good protection for the multimedia equipment.
  2. Top grade cold rolled steel sheet, superfinishing with the numerical equipment, complicated surface treatment, ensure it is stable and durable.
  3. The table, keyboard support, cover plate of the multimedia control and glassholder are made of ABS engineering plastic material (chickness is ≥ 5mm),  the entire table without metal sheet.
  4. The displayer fixed frame can be take in 17-22'' LCD, also this hole size can meet the customer requirements.
  5. Hidden platform drawer on the left side, make full use of  the space.
  6. Table can be placed projector, and all the electrical equipment can equipped in the cabinet with the lock separately.
  7. The bottom of  the platform can be equipped with level ounted, can adjust the height about 10~50mm.
  8. Base is made of ABS engineering plastic in one take, which is moistureproof , waterproof and rustproof.
  9. Safety:  the installation of all accessories is invisible, no screws can be disassembling after lock the desk
  10. Practicability: enough space to place the laptop, lesson plan and multimedia. Doing the domonstrative experiment while using a computer and video is available. Equipped with adjustable movable layer board inside.
  11. Disassembly structure, easy installstion and convenient transportation, most importantly,  cost saving!
  12. A wide range of application: School, company, government,training center...
  13. Mulimedia device can be placed in the flatform: multimedia control system,  physical showcase,  host computer, 17'' 19'' LCD or CRT, keyboard, VCD, power amplifier, laptop, microphone and so on.

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